Analyzing Political Risk In Latin American Mining Jurisdictions

In 2018 there were a number of key elections in Latin America, including presidential races in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. Argentina will have a presidential race in 2019, and there will be other elections in different countries. Most — if not all — of these elections could impact mining.

Given that political risk is one of the areas our mining practice focuses on (and was included in our October 2018 whitepaper on 7 key risks facing LatAm mining jurisdictions), on February 26 we organized a webinar entitled How LatAm’s Shifting Political Landscape will Impact Mining.

AMI Managing Director John Price was joined by Remi Piet — Senior Director of AMI’s Natural Resources and Infrastructure practice — to deliver a deep dive into political risks in several crucial mining jurisdictions, including Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, The Guyana Shield, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru. For each country, the panelists covered the specific political issues of concern for miners and investors, then analyzed specific case studies relevant to the risks in each country.

Click on the image below to see the video of the webinar.

To download the presentation shared in the webinar, please click here.

Next Steps

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Dr. Remi Piet

Dr. Remi Piet is a Director at Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) and co-leader of the firm’s Natural Resources and Infrastructure Practice. Remi leads political and other risk analysis activities for the mining, energy and infrastructure sectors in Latin America. He has worked on projects in more than 60 countries across Latin America, Asia and Europe and taught at several universities including the University of Miami, HEC (Paris) and Qatar University. Be it a snapshot country and counterparty risk analysis ahead of an asset purchase or the on-going monitoring of on-the-ground risks for miners and energy players, Remi leads the design and execution of bespoke engagements for our clients.