Prior Consultation And Community Engagement In Latam Mining/Energy Projects

In his August 18 Mining Coffee Chat, organized at the time with AMI, the focus was on prior consultation and community engagement with regard to mining/energy projects. Dr. Remi Piet (Embellie Advisory) was joined by Fiorella Madariaga and Stevie Gamboa, two leading mining lawyers in the Americas. Fiorella recently joined Innova Project Consulting after her successful tenure at the Ministry of Mines of Peru. Stevie, better known in the mining industry as the “Mono Minero”, helms the Natural Resources Practice at GSG Abogados.

Fiorella recently joined Embellie Advisory as Regional Leader (Peru, Chile, Argentina)

Both guest speakers helped outline recent developments in local consultations against extractive projects and debated on the road forward, establishing the legal and institutional bases needed for citizen participation and the establishment of a social license to operate.

This Coffee Chat also suggested best practices on how to engage with communities and prevent the interference from interest groups with little connection with mining projects. In addition, it underlined the importance of closely monitoring the needs and interest of communities (even at times of pandemics) to prevent future conflicts. Finally, it suggested ways to strengthen the legal framework regulating mining and energy companies’ investments and their commitment to the development of the territory in which they operate.

Click HERE to view the video of the webinar.

Mining Coffee Chats were weekly meetings held by Dr. Remi Piet, as part then of AMI. Remi explored important topics affecting the mining industry with expert speakers, and discussed with attendees the challenges they faced during COVID-19 and beyond.

The Embellie Advisory Mining Coffee Chats are now held in collaboration with the Emerging Markets Investors Alliance, a New-York based NGO focused on ESG investments.

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Dr. Remi Piet

Dr. Remi Piet is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Embellie Advisory. Remi leads political and other risk analysis activities for the mining, energy and infrastructure sectors in Latin America and West Africa. He has worked on projects in more than 60 countries across Latin America, Africa and Europe and taught at several universities including the University of Miami, HEC (Paris) and Qatar University. Be it a snapshot country and counterparty risk analysis ahead of an asset purchase, the on-going monitoring of on-the-ground risks or the development of local sustainable value with stakeholders, Remi has a long track record of success building collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders.