Sustainable Mining In Brazil : Post-Election Snapshot (English version)

To kickstart the new series of Embellie Advisory’s Expertise Insights, our first piece is dedicated to the political and economic outlook of Brazil. Following the November presidential election, Embellie decrypts the future of the mining, infrastructure and energy sectors in Brazil under the new Lula administration with an in-depth analysis of the policy changes to be expected.

By Embellie Advisory’s Brazil Associate Isadora Camargos  and our Emerging Markets & Research Coordinator Damien Romet

Click HERE to read the article in English.

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Isadora Camargos

Isadora Camargos, journalist and Master in Linguistics, is Senior Associate of Embellie Advisory in Brazil. She has over 20 years of experience in socio-environmental management, environmental licensing processes, territory development solutions, and stakeholder engagement, in addition to multi-stakeholder communication, dialogue structuring and discussion forums.

Damien Romet

Damien Romet is Emerging Markets & Research Coordinator at Embellie Advisory. Damien has a BBA in Business Administration from ESADE and does socio-political and ESG risk analysis activities for the mining, energy and infrastructure sectors in Latin America and West Africa. He also coordinates research and thought leadership publications on ESG with the various associates for Embellie Advisory at the global level.